Our Founders

Ravi Amirthavasagar
President 1994 - 1995

Mathythayan Antonypillai-
President 1997- 1999

Bernard Selvanayaham

St. Patrick's College Jaffna - Alumni Association, Ontario was established in 1987 in Toronto by Mr. Mathythayan Antonypillai, Mr. Ravi Amithavasagam and late Bernard Selvanayaham who were living in Canada at that time with the aim of providing a platform for social interaction between the ex-Patrician’s living in Canada and thereby allowing them to keep in touch with their Alma Mater and its growth and development.

This three-member group gathered other Patricians lived in Canada and formed the Association and elected Raymond Santiago as the President. At that time our alma mater was going through difficult time due to brutal civil was in our ancestral homeland in Sri Lanka. They felt that they must come together and provide moral and financial support to the Rector of St. Patrick’s College during those challenging time.

With the influx of the alumni coming from Sri Lanka to Canada following the conflict, the association gained a constitution and the membership increased. It was also felt that there should be more efforts collect funds in Canada to help the alma mater. They have at least two social functions in a year to celebrate the St. Patrick’s day and the annual Christmas dinner dance. This provides ex-patricians’ families an opportunity to get together socially and also helps to disseminate news about the alma mater and raise funds from the alumni.

Our Presidents

Benjamin Jeyanathan
President 2018 - Present

Judenorld Francis
President 2016 - 2018

Andrew Rajasingham
President 2008 - 2010

Herman Vijayakumar
President 2005 - 2007

Anton Philip Sinnarassa
President 2003 - 2005

{Late}Manuel Sebastiampillai
President 2000 - 2001

Felix Yogaratnam
President 1999 - 2000

Mathythayan Antonypillai
President 1997- 1999

Balthazar Emmanuel
President 1995 - 1997

Ravi Amirthavasagar
President 1994 - 1995

Suren William
President 1992 - 1994

Raymond Santiago
President 1990 - 1992

Albert Santiapillai {Master}
President 1988 - 1990

Raymond Santiago
1987 - 1988