About Us

Our Alma Mater – St. Patrick's College Jaffna

St. Patrick's College was founded in 1850 in Jaffna, Ceylon (the official name of Sri Lanka prior to 1972), with the primary objective of providing formal Education in a Christian atmosphere for students, especially those belonging to the Catholic Community. Although this college is meant primarily for Catholics, it admits other students irrespective of socio-economic background, creed and religious persuasions.

The College continues to educate boys and young men to serve their fellowmen in justice, truth and love. It fosters an atmosphere of intellectual vigor and moral rectitude in which the youth of Jaffna in particular may find their fulfillment and achieve greatness as eminent men of service.

In St. Patrick's College (SPC) Jaffna, education is looked at with a different set of eyes. For Patricians, education does not lie only in the quantification of knowledge. But it lies in the quality of knowledge that helps form the character of students. SPC form them as competent, creative and compassionate men for others. And this is the core of SPC Jaffna Education. This is what has made St. Patrick's College Jaffna become one of the leaders in providing high quality education not only in Jaffna peninsula but also in the whole Island of Sri Lanka. Many dedicated Rectors, Teachers as well as generations of brilliant students have been making enormous contribution to her success story. Leaving their legacy behind is a galaxy of illustrious Patricians, who are spread across the globe serving humanity with compassion and commitment proudly remembering their SPC Jaffna education.

Our Alumni Association - St. Patrick's College Jaffna - Alumni Association, Ontario

St. Patrick's College Jaffna - Alumni Association, Ontario was established in 1987 in Toronto by a group of passionate past students of SPC, namely Mr. Mathythayan Antonypillai, Mr. Ravi Amithavasagam and Bernard Selvanayaham who made Canada their new home fleeing a brutal civil war in their ancestral homeland in Sri Lanka. Past Patricians have been bound together by the fresh memory of St. Patrick's College Jaffna school days and strong determination to help our Alma Mater in Jaffna. Buoyed by a strong sense of Patrician spirit, for more than 25 years our Alumni Association has been actively helping our Alma Mater in various ways and at the same time promoting fellowship among thousands of Patricians living in the Greater Toronto Area in particular and North America in general.

Our Alumni Association is registered in the province of Ontario as a not –for-profit organization and completely supported and sustained by volunteers. We have at least two social functions in a year to celebrate the St. Patrick's Day in March and the Christmas in December. These social functions and other events organized or coordinated by our Alumni Association provides an excellent opportunity to members of the extended Patrician family living in North America to get together socially in the true spirit of love and friendship as past students, teachers and well-wishers of this noble educational institution. Our Alumni Association continues to play a vitally important role of providing moral and financial support to our Alma Mater in Jaffna. SPC Jaffna AA - Ontario is committed to support the efforts of the Rector and Administrators of the College in building a modern and secure learning environment for the present &  future generation of students in order for them to realize their full potential.

Mission, Vision & Values.

Our Mission:

Our Core mission is predicated on a covenant to champion the spirit of volunteerism that promotes fellowship among Patricians today and tomorrow by fostering effective working relationships and collaboration for the benefit of our Alma Mater.

Our Vision:

As we strive to achieve our mission, our Vision is to be one of the leading Patrician Alumni Associations that helps to make a positive difference in the lives of present and future generations of students and staff of SPC Jaffna.

Core Values that will guide our Alumni Association:

We recognize that Patricians, well-wishers & volunteers drive our success.

We embrace integrity, communicate openly and excel in what we do.

We promote talent, respect diversity, work with collaboration and recognize accomplishments of Patricians.

We provide leadership; take accountability and transparency very seriously in all our dealings and activities.

We work in partnership with other Alumni Associations and Volunteer Organizations.

Our tremendous spirit, driven by our core values govern the way we treat each other and serve our alma mater. These guiding values are central to our culture and serve as building blocks to our future. They guide our community interactions & Contributions and propel us to greater heights.